Edge or Cloud? Coupling the benefits of both computing concepts for Data Science

Shall I deploy my application on the edge or in the cloud? This is a question that a Provider for a SaaS application will ask him-/herself more often than not. After exploring and cleaning your data, deriving a use-case for an analytical service, and finally implementing it, you will need to take the decision on where to deploy your application to offer the full functionalities and benefits to the end user.

Edge infrastructure for smarter cities

Nowadays, cities are facing the challenge of providing new services to their citizens raised from emerging solutions related to mobility, security, energy and others. Those services require cities to become more agile in detecting and respond to events. This need can be achieved by adapting to their environment in real time bringing computational capabilities closer when and where those events occur. This provides a flexible city infrastructure that can be scaled and balanced to provide the demanding low latencies, reliability and bandwidth.

How Efficient and Stable Edge Computing Enhances XR Streaming

A major trend in the world of immersive technologies is XR streaming: it enables a new quality of holographic content. By HOLO-LIGHT


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