Using Smart Contracts for SLAs in Edge and Cloud Computing

Orfeas Voutyras,
ICCS/NTUA 19 May 2021

The forthcoming massive usage of edge-to-cloud computing solutions in the frame of large IoT deployments in smart cities and industrial applications may deem the current approaches insufficient. The main goal in such scenarios remains the same: to ensure that the overall offered Quality of Service (QoS) fits the application needs over the edge or edge/cloud deployment. However, the expectations behind the QoS per se are ever increasing, as new applications appear on the edge.

Kubernetes security from cloud to edge

Kubernetes security from cloud to edge

Francesco Iadanza, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A.

29 March 2021

Container-based deployments that leverage on Kubernetes [1] orchestration benefit from its major key features like automatic scaling, self-monitoring, balancing and thousands of production-ready tools and applications. On the edge, additional requirements can be addressed by Kubernetes such as network latency [2], local data processing and improved resiliency and autonomy to overcome unattended and disconnected operations [3].

New operational models for the cloud native age

Antonio Castillo Nieto, ATOS Spain

1 March 2021


Nikolaos Kapsoulis, Innov-Acts Ltd.

The introduction of blockchains and their decentralized nature is high-promising for the edge computing domain due to their pairing natures, though it remains to be seen whether and when the market adoption will fall in between the predictions.

Manufacturing the Data Mining on Edge

Verena Stanzl – Data Scientist, Fill GmbH

Latest achievements show that edge computing is an emerging technology field. By 2022, 90% of industrial enterprises will utilize edge computing (Frost&Sullivan,

This is not surprising - considering the many advantages that Edge Computing offers:


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