The Pledger ecosystem will be strongly linked to a very important core of international activities sharing knowledge and best practices on topics such as edge/cloud computing, IoT and Big Data, thus assuring an amplified impact in the well-orchestrated European initiatives in the domain.

FIWARE: FIWARE is an open alternative to existing proprietary Internet platforms. It enables easy development and deployment of advanced Internet applications. It is one of the results of the EU Public-Private Partnership on the Future Internet and of the EU commitment to help entrepreneurs thrive in Europe via the Startup Europe initiative. It provides enhanced OpenStack-based cloud hosting capabilities and a rich library of components. These components, called the “Generic Enablers”, provide open standard APIs that make it easier to connect to IoT devices, process data and media in real-time at large scale, perform Big Data analysis or incorporate advanced features to interact with the user. The API specifications are public and royalty-free, supported by open source reference implementations. Thanks to that, alternative FIWARE providers can emerge faster in the market. Pledger is linked to FIWARE through the partners ATOS and ENG, and the use of FIWARE infrastructure is foreseen in its work plan.

IERC: The IERC - IoT (European Research Cluster - European Research Cluster on the Internet of Things) is bringing together EU-funded projects with the aim of defining a common vision and the IoT technology and development research challenges at the European level in the view of global development. The rationale for IoT is to address the large potential for IoT-based capabilities in Europe, coordinate/encourage the convergence of ongoing work on the most important issues and build a broadly-based consensus on the ways to realise IoT in Europe.

IoT-EPI: The IoT-European Platforms Initiative (IoT-EPI) is a European Initiative addressing EU-funded H2020 programs about IoT platform development and was formed to build a vibrant and sustainable IoT-ecosystem in Europe, maximising the opportunities for platform development, interoperability and information sharing. At the core of IoT-EPI are the seven research and innovation projects: Inter-IoT, BIG IoT, AGILE, symbIoTe, TagItSmart!, VICINITY and bIoTope. Pledger is linked with the IoT-EPI initiative through ATOS, which is currently participating in two of these core projects, symbIoTe and AGILE. Clusters of European Projects on Cloud: The goal of the Clusters of European Projects on Cloud is to create an environment where projects funded by the European Community (in particular, the recipients of ICT7 and H2020 grants) can interact and find synergies among them. Each cluster has set specific goals but all of them focus on collaboration among members on technical aspects as well as on the identification of trends in the relevant markets and on engaging in innovative ways to address such trends. ATOS, ENG and ICCS/NTUA participate in this cluster through projects such as BASMATI, DITAS and others.


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