Innovation Acts Ltd. is a unique ICT and business consulting firm, which offers (among others) software development and business consulting services consulting, project management and software development for services for different sectors, with particular emphasis on FinTech. Its consulting services are based on the founders excellent know how in IoT, BigData/AI, blockchain and Cyber-Security technologies. The FinTech consulting services of the company include business modelling, business planning and techno-economic analysis services, as well as design and implementation of financial services solutions based on distributed ledger technologies.

As a FinTech start-up, Innov-Acts is developing novel products and services in the areas of FinTech services personalization and personal data management, but also regarding the use of blockchain technologies for financial services such as e-invoicing.

The company builds on the experience of world class experts, ICT and business consultants, who have a rich track record of providing services for very demanding projects worldwide. Since 1995, the key members of the Innov-Acts team have been actively and successfully involved in more than two hundred projects for different clients in Europe, USA and Canada. Based on this experience, the company offers its customer clear insights about leading edge and emerging ICT technologies (in the areas of Cloud Computing, Internet-of-Things, BigData, CyberSecurity).

Innov-Acts transforms innovation into increased competitiveness and concrete performance gains. The company may successfully take up all the phases of a project’s lifecycle (study - design - implementation - operation).


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