On March 17th, Fill hosted a Pledger live Webinar to show the latest developments in its digital product CYBERNETICS ANALYZE to determine the process and thermal stability of SYNCROMILL machines. During the webinar, PLEDGER was introduced and how edge computing and the tools developed within the project improve the solution.

After the welcome and company introduction, Sophie Binder (Innovation Manager) guided through the webinar. Josef Nagl (Product Management and Sales for Digital Products) introduced CYBERNETICS ANALYZE and how the needs of Fill customers are addressed with using this solution. By guiding through the user interface, he gave hands-on examples on how to use the tool and how to analyze the process and thermal stability of the machine. Next, Stefan Murauer (Team Manager Software Engineering) showed the technical solution, which data is used and recorded and which benefits edge computing offer for Fill and its customers.

Afterwards, Verena Stanzl (Data Scientist) outlined that, hot topics for providing such digital products are the availability and quality of service. In PLEDGER these topics are explored to improve the performance of applications running on the edge by monitoring defined SLAs and offloading to the cloud in case of limited resources based on PLEDGER’s recommendations. Furthermore, Application profiling and Infrastructure benchmarking are used to find the most suitable place for the applications and the use of smart contracts will be explored during the remaining time of the project.

The session was closed after a Q&A round.

The webinar was streamed live from the Holodeck, an event location in the newly established R&D facilities of the Fill Future Zone.

 You can watch the recording of the webinar via You Tube: https://youtu.be/8fw9s1wWq_E

Thursday, March 24, 2022

PLEDGER Live Webinar: CYBERNETICS ANALYZE – how edge computing improves your production system


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